Costa Rica Properties

Costa Rica

There are not so many places in the world that evoke the immediate association with paradise. One of them is Costa Rica. This is here where you can meet creatures so marvelous that it is hard to believe they are real. It has amazingly beautiful and pristine nature that attracts 1.5 million visitors every year.

Costa Rica is considered one of the most politically stable countries in the entire Central American region. Moreover, its culture and national character is very inviting and people are cooperative and friendly as nowhere else. To add all the staggering beaches, stunning mountains and rainforests, and weather so very favorable ľ and it is no surprise why so many people are drawn here every year. At the present moment it is really one of the most popular destinations in the Americas and also the best place for those who love exotic, unknown and unexplored.

The country neighbors with Nicaragua and Panama and, though bears certain resemblance of the region, still seems to stand out. The country has no standing army and remains neutral since 1949. Instead of loosing time and effort fighting civil wars as many neighbors do, it invested in education and provided support to environmental programs - and succeeded greatly. Nowadays it has got the highest literacy rate in the region and also the standard of living.

The green era began in 1970 with the foundation of national park system. Then, some American entrepreneurs were attracted. Those ones saw the potential of the developing country and they were the first to create initial tourist infrastructure here. At first the destination was not very popular. But after 1987 the President Oscar Arias Sanchez was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for the mediation in the agreement among Central American countries experiencing upheaval the rest of the world learnt about the tiny country with the population of 4 million and natural beauty that is second to none.

Nowadays it is the hottest destination among holidaymakers and also great honeymoonersĺ attraction. The number of international visitors coming to Costa Rica annually is increasing and the country has been ranked the first in Central America and the second in the entire Latin America in popularity according to the World Tourism Organization.

Moreover, a lot of Americans are considering Costa Rica a very appealing retirement destination. The country is exquisite, affordable both in housing and in the cost of living, safe and politically stable; it provides good healthcare and recreation, the weather is never dull and people are friendly no matter what your nationality is. It is now possible to fly directly to Costa Rica from the UK and also from 22 airports in the States. The Pacific coast is absolutely protected from hurricanes and property here, though skyrocketing in price, is still affordable; moreover, the country runs a very effective policy of prospective retireesĺ attraction. Seems like a very good place for prospective baby boomers not only from the U.S. but also from Great Britain as well.

The country is at the present moment a paradise for investment. A lot of people come here and purchase property either to live, or use it for the holiday period, or for sheer speculative reasons. There are many investment prospects in Costa Rica and, provided that you have some funds and are ready to put them to use, big gain is guaranteed here.

It is hard not to love Costa Rica with all its marvelous beaches, amazing mountains, spring-like climate, active volcanoes and tropical rain forests. People fall in love with its striking beauty and charm, and in the desire to experience connection with nature, the walks in national parks, and enjoy all the outdoor activities, they come here again and again; or stay forever. Perched between the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans, this small country knows how to live ĹPura Vidaĺ and it is ready to teach everyone who is willing to learn.